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WANDA: A Solution for Advanced Task Management

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Industry Adoption


Dedicated Users

WANDA Technology Facilitates a Culture of Continuous Improvement!

More Than Just a Software

Support your field staff and take the guesswork out of cleaning standards

WANDA provides real-time and historical data on cleaning activities, such as frequency, duration, and effectiveness.

By analysing data, managers can make informed decisions about cleaning schedules, resource allocation, and even process improvements.

WANDA Technology is a tool for performance tracking! Identify areas for enhancement, implement changes, and track the impact of those changes on cleaning outcomes.

WANDA Technology allows us to lay out a specific cleaning plan with standards, with easily accessible expectations about what to do and where!

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What Does WANDA Do For You?

Real Time Monitoring

Provides real-time status of cleaning activities, traffic patterns and restocking requirements

Data Analytics

Wanda consolidates data

from connected components

and displays real time reports

and alerts for easy analysis

and reporting

Task Management

Wanda empowers cleaning

staff and managers to receive and enter cleaning task information and follow customized cleaning protocols

through their mobile device.

Connecting People, Devices and Software to give you Full Visibility

  • With the digital task entry, cleaning staff access the information on what to do, what products to use and how, then to log completed tasks immediately. Clearly defined task reduce the chances of forgetting or duplicating work and ensures accurate records of completed activities. These practices keeps your staff accountable
  • Supervisors and managers can monitor task progress and completion in real time. This enables them to allocate resources effectively, address emerging issues promptly, and make informed decisions based on up-to-date information.
  • Digital task management system will reduce the need for physical paperwork and manual record-keeping. This streamlines the processes and minimizes the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.
  • WANDA is a management tool to facilitates better communication, real-time oversight, and data-driven decision, ultimately leading to improved cleaning outcomes and a more organized workflow.
  • Building occupants can request service or provide feedback through quick and easy QR code scan.
  • With the visitor facing QR code, facilities can prompt visitors to give the feedback they are looking for to further improve the visitor experience

A Solution That Fits Your Facility and Your Cleaning

WANDA is the software that balances scalability, flexibility, ease of use, and affordability. WANDA can be applied effectively to businesses of all sizes, meeting unique requirements and helping harness the benefits of IoT technology.

Why This is the Software You NEED

Risk Mitigation

Ensuring adherence to safety regulations and standards, reducing the likelihood of accidents and contamination through documented cleaning processes, and providing audit trails for legal protection.

WANDA proactively alerts facility managers to overdue tasks, enabling timely corrective actions, and ultimately preventing potential safety and compliance issues from escalating.

Competitive Advantage

WANDA empowers cleaning companies and building services coordinators to operate more efficiently, enhance client satisfaction, ensure compliance, and differentiate themselves in a highly competitive industry. Documented cleaning, available at the touch of a button, to confirms the quality of any BSC contract!

These advantages collectively position them as preferred service providers and contribute to their long-term success.

Verification and Validation

Digital cleaning software simplifies the process of verification and validation by generating comprehensive documentation and reports of cleaning activities, facilitating compliance with industry standards, and supporting internal and third-party audits.

Facilities can use the data collected by the software to obtain certifications and demonstrate ongoing compliance, while also leveraging historical data to drive continuous improvement in cleaning processes and effectiveness.

WANDA Technology Improves Cleaning Efficiency and Gives Facility Managers Visibility!


Can the software be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of my facility?

Visionstate provides dedicated support to your facility for the establishment of task-specific configurations and area set-up. Every facility is different and we are here to make it work for you!

What type of hardware is required?

WANDA runs on a web based app, requiring either a dedicated device, such as a tablet or cell phone, or a shared device for task entry and task information retrieval

How user friendly is the software and app?

Our software offers an intuitive user experience, complemented by a dedicated technical support team to assist you whenever needed. Tech support is easily reached on your portal or through a dedicated phone line

What is the cost associated with WANDA?

Basic Service


Up to 5 license Users

Up to 30 areas

Compliance Report

Task Scheduling

Zone Options

Consumables Tracking

Analytics Reports

Tech Support


Business Value



Up to 12 License Users

Up to 75 Areas

Dashboard with Insights

Visitor/Service Alert Function

Visitor Rating Option

Simple Forms

Work Orders

Full Enterprise



Up to 50 License Users

Up to 250 areas

Audit/Tracker Rating

Are they any extra costs?

Each location will be charged a set up fee. This fee includes support to upload all of your tasks and scheduling. This also includes one on one training. Generation of all activation codes and support to set up on your device.

Should you wish to have Visionstate order QR codes and have them delivered, this would be an added charge. You have full access to your QR codes in your portal and can order or reprint any time needed.

Should you wish to have more users in your choosen package you can add users at the rate associated with each package.

Visionstate also has Time of Flight people counters, harware and monitoring come at an additional charge.

Is WANDA easily adaptable to future technology?

Industries are constantly evolving, and business needs change over time. We have created a versatile software to ensure our solution can adapt to shifting industry requirements (dare I remind you of COVID ) . WANDA can continue to provide value in all of these changing environments without requiring a complete overhaul. We do our best to future proof our software, which enhances the longevity, strengthens our brand but most importantly keeps the customer you sell this software to .... connected with you!

How Does it work for staff use?

Wanda Task Management system is all done through a mobile device talking to a portal. Field user (staff) have a web based mobile app installed on their mobile device. Upon opening their app they will enter their unique user id, scan the QR code if enabled, or select the room/item they are servicing. Task list are then available for the user to select and submit. The users selections are all time stamped and recorded. The mobile device sends all the data to the portal which generates reports.

Daily Task list is a very customizable, we can show a daily task list associated with that unique user code all the way down to the type of cleaning product required to use in each case. This comes down to what data you want to show for your user and what you want reported on. As high level or granular as needed.

How do visitors use Wanda?

The same QR code the staff use to retrieve and input data the public can also use, no need for extra QR codes. The visitors or public would not have the mobile app installed on their device so they would be scanning the QR code through their camera. Following scanning the QR code the public would be brought to a different landing page where they would be prompted to select what Alert they are submitting, these prompts are set up by the facility and are customizable.

Who is Visionstate?

Visionstate is an innovated company out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have an in house tech team, support team, management and innovators.